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«All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Geology»

For over half a century VNIGNI remains the leading Russian scientific organization in the oil-and-gas geological research.

Since its founding in 1953 VNIGNI has performed the most significant studies of national importance.

The Institute has made an outstanding contribution to research of stratigraphy, tectonics, lithology, geochemistry, rock physics and hydrogeology of oil and gas plays all over the USSR, the Russian Federation and overseas countries.

VNIGNI’s experts developed a large number of regional geological maps and zoning oil and gas maps, as well as a number of books and articles on geology of petroleum bearing provinces; drafted documents regulating the design and development of fields, including national standards, rules, guidelines and procedures.

The institute has graduated over 540 high-skilled professionals, Doctors of Sciences and Doctors of Philosophy (PhD), members of prospecting and scientific organizations in Russia and other former Soviet republics and foreign countries.

VNIGNI boasts a balanced team of distinguished researchers and highly qualified young professionals. Taking into account its excellent infrastructure allowing for the full range of scientific works in the field of oil and gas geology, we can carry out any research project tailored to meet specific demands.

VNIGNI’s experts take into account latest scientific and technical achievements.

The institute successfully provides such services as:

  • work areas validation, scientific and methodological support of prospecting projects in Russian oil and gas provinces
  • analysis and assessment of oil and gas resource potential of the Russian Federation
  • monitoring of subsoil use licensing for oil and gas bearing provinces of the Russian Federation
  • technical support to the Central Commission for technical projects approval for hydrocarbon field development of the Federal Agency for Subsoil Use (Rosnedra)
  • data management and regulatory support of the state’s control over subsoil use for oil and gas

VNIGNI provides a wide range of services within commercial contracts:

  • Subsoil use licensing for hydrocarbon resources: general assessments and evaluations, geological and economic substantiations, technical and economic assessments and projects; performing surveys and expert appraisals; developing proposals, plans and recommendations, assistance in conducting workshops etc.
  • Developing geological exploration projects aimed on expanding customer's hydrocarbon resource base (providing comprehensive solutions for strategic and short-term geological exploration planning etc.).
  • Appraising oil and gas resource potential by provinces: general assessments and evaluations, performing surveys and expert appraisals, appraisal of oil and gas prospects of licensing areas, preparation of information packages, development of geological models, drafting detailed segmentation and correlation schemes of oil and gas bearing deposits.
  • Developing project documents and performing research for customer's HC reserves projects: estimation of hydrocarbon reserves, feasibility study of oil recovery, immediate re-estimation of hydrocarbon reserves, assessment of 3D geological models, and providing a wide range of consulting services.
  • Research works and field trials: detailed analysis of core, organic and crude oils samples; seismic surveys and drilling data analysis and interpretation; 3-D geological modeling based on seismic data; drafting oil and gas field development projects, including economic and production management.
  • Data management services: developing and maintaining databases for all aspects of geological and geophysical data; producing custom-tailored maps and atlases based on GIS data.

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