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Postgraduate training program department

Head of the department – Ivanova Olga Vsevolodovna, PhD in Geological and Mineralogical Sciences


Tel.: 8 (495) 673-05-64
Mob.: 8 (926) 521-60-96
Fax: 8 (495) 673-47-21
e-mail: aspirantura@vnigni.ru

In September 2012 VNIGNI was issued a perpetual license № 0348 of September 19th, 2012 (Principal State Registration Number №1037739534073) to perform educational activities within national doctorate education program.

The primary goal of postgraduate studies is to arrange and control training of high qualified personnel in order to earn PhD degrees in the following special fields:

  • 25.00.09 – Geochemistry and geochemical methods of mineral exploration
  • 25.00.12 – Geology, prospecting and exploration of oil and gas

Postgraduate study entry requirements:

To attend VNIGNI postgraduate study for training at the expense of the federal budget on a competitive basis you should be a citizen of the Russian Federation, under 35 year old for full-time study and under 45 years old for distance study, with a Specialist or Master's degree of Russian Federation University.

VNIGNI covers all expenses of its employees for training in postgraduate study program and submitting the thesis.

Employees of other companies can become a PhD student on a contractual basis. All the expenses shall be for their accounts (except for the entrance examinations).

Persons who already have a PhD degree can not take part in the program at the expense of Institute’s budget.

External PhD students must have their PhD thesis completed for at least 30% and a published scientific paper on the topic of their thesis in order to become applicants for PhD degree in geological-mineralogical sciences.

Required documents

  1. Application form addressed to the Director General of VNIGNI.
  2. Copy of Degree Certificate and official transcript (persons, who have received their degree abroad (including CIS countries), also have to submit a certificate attesting the equivalence of a foreign diploma, given by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation).
  3. Personnel department form with a photo.
  4. List of scientific publications, inventions and reports on research work (if entrant has scientific works and inventions).
  5. Essay on the topic of the thesis.
    Issues to be mentioned in the essay:
    • Relevance.
    • Substantiation of the problem statement.
    • Factual evidence, used in research.
    • Groundwork.
    • Data on geological structure and oil and gas content of the exploration area.
    • Methods and techniques used.
    • Results expected.
    Essay should be 20 pages long (font size № 12).
  6. Certificate of post-graduation entry examinations, if passed any (persons, who have taken candidate examinations abroad, have to submit a letter of Сertificate verification, given by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation)
  7. ID document and Degree Certificate (persons, who have received their degree abroad, also have to submit a certificate attesting the equivalence of a foreign Diploma).

Entrants have to submit all required documents personally.