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Dissertation Advisory Committee of VNIGNI (D 216.015.01)

The Chairman of the Dissertation Committee: professor Petersilye Victor Iosifovitch , Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences

Academic Secretary: Ivanova Tamara Dmitrievna, PhD in Geological and Mineralogical Sciences

An effective system of state certification of scientific personnel contributes to the preservation and development of scientific and technical potential of our country. The main element in the process of certification of the academic personnel are dissertation committees. Dissertation Committee of VNIGNI, D 216.015.01, is permitted to issue degrees of PhD and Doctor of Science in geological and mineralogical sciences for the following special fields:

  • 25.00.09 - geochemistry and geochemical methods of mineral exploration;
  • 25.00.12 - geology, prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields.

Due to its high scientific potential, the Institute is an established leader in training researchers of highest qualification. Currently it employs 20 Doctors of Sciences (the highest Russian scientific degree). The Dissertation Committee is responsible for the objective assessment of PhD and Dr Sci theses and for issuing degrees according to standards issued by RF Higher Attestation Commission.

Since 1956 the institute has graduated over 540 high-skilled professionals (Doctors of Sciences and PhDs), who became members of geological exploration and scientific organizations in Russia and CIS. In virtue of their research works the Russian certification system of scientific personnel concentrates a large amount of valuable information. Received scientific achievements contribute to the further development of oil geology.