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Генеральный директор

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Научный руководитель ФГБУ «ВНИГНИ»

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Заместитель генерального директора по научной работе

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Federal State Budgetary Institution  «All-Russian Research Geological Oil Institute»

VNIGNI is the leading institute of The Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency defining priorities of oil and gas exploration works in regions. It has a long history of prospecting new, still unexplored territories and waters.

VNIGNI provides short and long term forecasts of hydrocarbon mineral resource base development on the basis of retrospective analysis.

VNIGNI carries out oil and gas resource estimate, defines in which regions they are concentrated and what’s the probability and the rate of transferring them into commercial reserves.

Successful problem solving is a result of combination of constructive ideas, skillful use of modern technology, knowledge, experience and enterprise.

VNIGNI has a key factor - the speed of decision making.

Future of oil industry is in our hands!

If there is at least one scout with the image of desired oil field in his mind left, who furthermore has discretion and incentive to prospect, the discovery of new oil fields will be continued.

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